“Jus Soli, Jus Sanguinis. Who is a foreigner? The one who does not belong to the group, who is not “one of them,” the other.” (Kristeva, 1991)

Relocation is more than just change your address from one to the other. When a person relocate to a new environment, how does he/she perceive the space and process the spatial experience? How does he/she experience or undergo the process of acculturation. This research is trying to reflect on and respond to the mentioned questions. I will work expatriates with Chinese-speaking background who have moved to the Netherlands. This research is an artistic research which means the artistic practices will take a crucial role. The artistic projects are performative, participatory and interactive.

The website will be the platform to share some thoughts along the research and archive/reflect the artistic projects.


Written 7th February 2019, Ede, the Netherlands

by YiLing Hung